Order high school transcripts

Ordering your high school transcript on Parchment.com is fast, easy, and secure - and you can track the entire process on our website. We also have a user guide and a video that explains how to order high school transcripts:

A few things first

  • You must have an account with us. To set up an account, go to the Registration page. You may also want to read the Registration help topic to understand how the registration process works.
  • If you attended more than one high school and need to order more than one transcript, you can add more high schools in step 3.
  • We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer when you order your transcript.

Order your high school transcript

  1. Log in to Parchment.com. Or, if you haven’t registered yet, click Sign up and follow the onscreen instructions to register.
  2. Click Transcripts.
  3. You now need to find the high school that has your transcript.
    • If you haven’t added any high schools yet, enter your high school’s information and click Search.
    • If your high school is already listed because you added it previously, click Deliver Latest Transcript and skip to step 9 below.
    • If you want to add another high school, click Add another school. Enter the high school’s information and click Search.
  4. Select your high school and click Save & Continue.
    • If your school does not appear, check your school’s website to see if it has a Parchment link on it. Otherwise, you will need to contact them directly to request your transcript.
    • If your school does appear but when you click on it, it says it's not live, please contact your school directly to request your transcript.
  5. You will be brought to the Enter your Enrollment Information page. Fill in the fields.
    • Fields with a * (asterisk) are mandatory.
    • Select whether you'd like to waive your FERPA rights.
    • If you opted in to College Discovery during the registration process, you can select whether you'd like your transcript to be shared with other colleges.
  6. Click Save & Continue.
  7. On the Sign the Transcript Request Form page:
    • Use your mouse or stylus to sign your name in the box.
    • Check the box to confirm that you are authorized to order the transcript, and then type your name.
    • For minors, a parent must sign, type their name and check the box that certifies that they are authorized to sign.
    • Check the last box if you want a copy of the transcript stored in your Parchment account. If you check this box, it means that you will receive an unofficial copy of your transcript into your Parchment account where it will be stored.
  8. Click Save & Continue.
  9. Select your destination:

Academic Destinations

      1. Fill in the fields and type in the Institution Name.
      2. Click Search.
      3. Check the box next to the school.
      4. Click Save & Continue, or Save & Add Another to send your transcript to multiple destinations.
      5. Confirm your order and pay any applicable fees.


      1. Enter your NCAA ID.
      2. Click Save & Continue or Save & Add Another to send your transcript to multiple destinations.
      3. Confirm your order and pay any applicable fees.

The Common Application

      1. Enter your Common App ID.
      2. Check that the information is correct.
      3. Click Save & Continue or Save & Add Another for additional destinations.
      4. Pay the amount stated.
      5. Your transcript will be sent directly to the Common App Online system where it will be matched to your school forms by your counselor, and submitted on your behalf.

Go to the Common App help topic for full instructions on requesting transcripts to be sent to the Common App.


1. Select your preferred delivery method:

        • Electronic Delivery - your email address will populate, but you can change it by clicking edit this email address.
        • Paper Transcript - your address will populate, but you can change it by clicking edit this address. You can select Send via Overnight Delivery.

2. Click Save & Continue or Add Additional Destinations to send your transcript to multiple destinations.
3. Pay any applicable fees

Other Destinations

Use this option if you need to send your transcript to an individual, employer, military address, etc. 

      1. Fill in the Destination Information section. Fields with a * (asterisk) are mandatory.
      2. Select the Delivery Method
        • Electronic Delivery (Enter an email address)
        • Paper Transcript. If you select Paper Transcript, select where you would like your transcript sent to. You can also select Send via Overnight Delivery.
      3. Click Save & Continue or Save & Add Another to send your transcript to multiple destinations.
      4. Confirm your order and pay any applicable fees.

Here's what happens next

Your school will receive your transcript request. They will need to approve the request and upload your transcript (if it's available electronically), and then we will deliver your transcript to your destination. Or your school will prepare it themselves if it's not available electronically. You can track your order online. 

More information

  • Some schools have a preferred delivery method saved into our system, so you may not be presented with a choice of delivery methods.
  • Do not edit an address unless you are positive that the changes you are making are correct. You cannot correct an incorrect address once an order has been fulfilled.
  • Use the Other Destinations tab to send transcripts to employers.
  • If you graduated before transcripts were electronically available at your school, you will be unable to select Electronic Delivery. You will be able to place requests for paper transcripts, so that your school can prepare them locally. 

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