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  1. Track your order
  2. Track your order
  3. Video tutorial: Track your order
  1. Order transcripts
  2. Parents/guardians Accounts for students under 13
  3. Order Transcripts Add another school to your Parchment account
  4. Troubleshooting Cannot open the 'download transcript' link
  5. Order Transcripts Common Application for students
  6. Where is My Transcript? Confirm where you sent your transcript
  7. More...
  1. Registering, logging in & account management
  2. Account management and settings Access support tickets
  3. Logging in and website issues Cannot log in
  4. Registering Register for a account (to order transcripts)
  5. Registering Parent/guardian accounts
  6. Account management and settings Delete account
  7. More...
  1. Security, privacy & policies
  2. FERPA Privacy Rights
  3. Incorrect address policy
  4. International credit card
  5. Maintenance release notes - Parchment Receive
  6. Maintenance release notes - Parchment Send and Parchment Send Classic
  7. More...
  1. College/University Administrators
  2. Sending Transcripts Managing Schools for the Parchment Print Client (Parchment Send Classic)
  1. College Admissions Tools
  2. Admission chances
  3. Analyze your college list
  4. Chances Accuracy
  5. Dashboard/College List
  6. Send your college list to your counselor
  7. More...